Needleless Electrospinning Laboratory Machine

Needleless Electrospinning Laboratory Machine (Model: NA-NF Lab1H 30W)
The needleless electrospinning laboratory machine made by Nanoazma Company model NA-NF Line 1H 30W is an advanced needleless electrospinning machine, which provides a large-scale nanofiber production. The machine consists of a substrate feeding system with a maximum width of 30 cm and it can deposit nanofiber layers with assorted thicknesses on non-woven textiles. Despite other laboratory electrospinning machines, it is equipped with the most advanced nanofiber spinning system. It has been optimized for both hydraulic and organic polymers.
Specifications of Machine:
•    High Production of Nanofibers
-    Deposition of a width of 30 cm and a length of hundred meters
-    Uniformity of the produced nanofiber due to no distance change of nanofibers spinning
-    Uniformity of the produced nanofiber due to the use of a continuous impregnating system
-    Nanofibers hybridification in wound dressing applications and tissue engineering (customized)
•    Ability to Increase Production Volume
-    Nanofibers production volume increases through repetition of production units. (customized)
-    It is possible to increase number of spinners in each spinning unit. (customized)
-    It is possible to increase production volume using both methods at the same time. (customized)
-    It is possible to increase production volume with the spinning width increasing. (customized)
•    Saving using Nanoazma Machines
-    This machine can be used for a wide range of polymers, substrates, and sol-gel processes.
-    It has a continuous polymer solution injection system with negligible amount of polymer waste.
-    Solvent excessive evaporation crisis has been completely prevented in the electrospinning machine made by Nanoazma Company.
-    Volume of material consumption is low in the machines made by Nanoazma Company and they can be operated with the minimum amount of solvent.   
•    Manufacturing Purpose
-    Developing advanced nanofiber products such as different types of respiratory masks, high-efficient air filters, liquid filters, medical bandages production, production of tissue engineering membranes, ceramic nanofiber production, production of catalysts
-    Cooperating with advanced products manufacturers and producing high value-added products
-    Exports