Full Option Electrospinning Machine 5

 Model: Full Option Lab2 ESII-II
The electrospinning and nanofibers production machine model: Full Option Lab2 ESI-II completely satisfies research needs and projects under present conditions. However, most researchers believe that the development of electrospinning research leads to the integration of normal nanofibers and the different types loaded nanofibers. Even some projects may be approved in the near future where a researcher would be required to integrate different types of two-part nanofibers, different types of hollow nanofibers with varied materials, and other conditions. Full Option Lab2 ESII.II was designed to meet such conditions and satisfy new research requirements.    
This machine provides all the electrospinning modes for using four different polymers simultaneously.
Specifications of Full Option Electrospinning Machine Model: Full Option Lab2 ES II-II
1-    It can be used for engineering polymers, biological polymers and linear natural polymers, nanoparticles, medicines, cells, etc.
2-    Four independent injection systems with the accuracy of 0.1 ml/h and the operating range of 0.1 to 10 ml/h at both sides of the machine
3-    Two high-voltage electrodes within the range of 0 to 35,000 V
4-    The spinning distance for both systems varies between 5 to 20 cm
5-    Dynamic collector with 100 to 300 RPM capable of changing common collector for both systems
6-    Changing and connecting collector with different dimensions and even fixed collector
7-    It is able to scan on collector by four nozzles in both sides of the machine for uniformity of production. Scanning speed can be adjusted by user.
8-    Different types of disposable and non-disposable nozzles can be used.     
9-    High-voltage full isolation
10-    Dimensions: 60*70*100 cm
11-    Weight: Approximately 80 kg

A Table to Compare Different Types of Nozzle Laboratory Electrospinning Machines
Number of Electrospinning Directions Number of Independent Pumps Number of High-voltage Electrode Electrospinning Machine Model
1 1 1 Full Option Lab ESI
1 2 1 Full Option Lab ESII
2 2 2 Full Option Lab2 ESI-I
2 3 2 Full Option Lab2 ESI-II
2 4 2 Full Option Lab2 ESII-II