Industrial Electrospinning Machine 1

Model: NA-NF line 4H 1000W
The nanofiber production line of Nanoazma Company is equipped with an industrial high-tech NA-NF line 4H 1000W electrospinning machine, which makes possible production of nanofibers at an industrial scale. It consists of a substrate feeding system with maximum width of 100 cm capable of depositing nanofiber layers on a non-woven textile with various thicknesses. The volume of nanofibers produced by this machine can be increased with the number of spinning units increasing. Different types of polymer soluble in water or organic solvents can produce nanofibers by this machine.
Machine Specifications:
•    Nanofibers Mass Production        
-    A width of 100 cm and a length of hundred meters of substrate can be deposited.
-    The produced nanofibers are uniform because the distance of spinning nanofibers remains unchanged.
-    An impregnating continuous system provides uniform nanofibers. 
-    A continuous solution-feeding system makes production uniformity.
-    Nanofibers hybridification is possible in wound dressing applications and tissue engineering.
•    Ability to Increase Production Volume
-    Nanofibers production volume increases through repetition of production units.
-    It is possible to increase number of spinners in each spinning unit.
-    It is possible to increase production volume using both methods at the same time.
-    It is possible to increase production volume with the spinning width increasing.
•    Saving using Nanoazma Machines
-    This machine can be used for a wide range of polymers, substrates, and sol-gel processes.
-    It has a continuous polymer solution injection system with negligible amount of polymer waste.
-    Solvent excessive evaporation has been completely prevented; however, the electrospinning machines of other companies encounter solvent evaporation crisis. 
•    Machine Preparation
-    Laying out spinning units in series is very convenient.
-    It is easy to place the machine in a production line. 
-    It is very easy to work with the machine and it can be operated by one person in emergencies.
•    Manufacturing Purpose
-    Developing advanced nanofiber products such as different types of respiratory masks, high-efficient air filters, liquid filters, medical bandages production, production of tissue engineering membranes, ceramic nanofiber production, production of catalysts
-    Cooperating with advanced products manufacturers and producing high value-added products
-    Selling electrospinning machines and producing nanofibers at an industrial scale to national applicants and producers
-    Exports