About us

Nanoazma Company is a knowledge-based technology company with a multi-pronged approach in manufacturing laboratory and industrial electrospinning machines. The company’s major activity started in 2004. With a quick development of electrospinning machines, the company has already provided the most complete electrospinning machine for laboratory studies. The machines are used for the studies on biology, medicine, tissue engineering, nano-membranes, nano-sensors, environment, defense, catalysts, solar cells, batteries, super capacitors, waterproof and breathable coatings, nanoelectronics, nanocomposite, absorbents, etc. The company’s electrospinning machines can be fitted with a type of nanofibers collecting system (European patent) capable of providing nanofibers texture under different angles. More than 30 laboratory electrospinning machines of the company were installed in research centers until 2015. The first industrial electrospinning machine with the production width of 150 cm was installed in a polymeric membranes manufacturing unit in 2015. Later, an industrial electrospinning machine with the production width of 160 cm was deployed in a respirator mask production unit. In 2016, company managers decided to develop their laboratory equipment in the field of polymeric nanoparticles production.